Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Important Run Off Election!

Even though the Republican nominee for President was pretty much decided prior to the Texas Primary Elections, the Primaries were very important. The primaries are where grass roots conservatives can best affect the make up of the Texas Legislature. There was a bit of business left undone these last primaries and a run off election has been called.

From Charles L. Cotton:

House District 81 will have a run-off between Rep. Buddy West of Odessa and former State District Judge Tryon Lewis. HD81 includes Andews, Ector, & Winkler Counties.

Rep. Buddy West is a member of the House Law Enforcement Committee which hears most CHL bills. Rep. West is rated A+ and he has a 100% rock-solid, pro-gun voting record. Rep. West has served since 1993.

Former Judge Tryon Lewis, also of Odessa, is rated C+ because of answers on his TSRA questionnaire. As everyone knows, any rating lower than an A- is not good; and a C+ is very poor.

The Republican Primary Run Off is April 8th and only folks who voted in the Republican Primary can vote in the run off but we need these people to go back to the polls and do it again.

Voter turnout for run-off elections is typically very poor. We need to do all we can to help Rep. West, so if you live in Odessa or elsewhere in his district, please be sure to mark April 8th on your calendar and VOTE! If you have friends or relatives in HD81, please call them and ask them to vote as well. Finally, if anyone can help on a phone bank or as a block walker, contact Rep. West's office and let them know you can volunteer.
This is important folks.

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