Monday, March 31, 2008

Surprising my Sweetie

V drives an early 90's, high mileage, Jeep Cherokee. The interior is getting a bit threadbare and V had requested new seat covers as her present for the upcoming *th anniversary of her 29th birthday.

Well, I couldn't just get her a set of seat covers for her special day, so this afternoon I got to surprise her with this:

2008 Jeep Liberty

It is a 2008 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4. I think I done good. That is a lousy image, but we were tooling around and I did not get a chance to take my own.

Pretty much the entire deal was completed online. I found the vehicle with the package I thought V would appreciate, worked out the details, and accepted a quote from the comfort of my own computer. Today I left work a little early, took a quick test drive, signed some papers and the Jeep is V's.

I really did catch V by surprise with this one, she had no idea until I told her it was hers.

Pat Skaggs of Grubbs Jeep in Bedford did a great job of working with me on this deal, and an even better job of helping me to surprise V. This is the only time I have walked out of a car dealership feeling 100% satisfied with the transaction.


Fits said...

Awww....great story. I absolutely love it when I can surprise Lisa that way.

Many happy miles to V.

Anonymous said...

Awe dad how sweet... She's a lucky gal, I've been waiting for oh... almost 7 years now, lol!!!
(my birthday is May 8th!! hahaha)

John R said...

Finally a daughter speaks!

Hey guys, say "Hi" to Daughter #2.

Anonymous said...

I love that... Avoid the subject!!! lol