Thursday, March 06, 2008

First They Come For Your Guns

Then they come for your Zip Lock Bags. That's right folks. The same city famous for Fencing Stolen Guns and the home town of Michael "Snuffy" Pfleger is at it again. Chicago is going after your zip lock bags.

From The Chicago Sun Times:

By Fran Spielman

Tiny plastic bags used to sell small quantities of heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana and other drugs would be banned in Chicago, under a crackdown advanced Tuesday by a City Council committee.

Ald. Robert Fioretti (2nd) persuaded the Health Committee to ban possession of "self-sealing plastic bags under two inches in either height or width," after picking up 15 of the bags on a recent Sunday afternoon stroll through a West Side park.
These idiots are elected. People get off the couch, go to a polling place, and actually vote for idiots like this Alderman. People actually asked, nay demanded, to be represented by this statist jerk.

Let's see what the hired help has to say about this idea:

Lt. Kevin Navarro, commanding officer of the Chicago Police Department's Narcotics and Gang Unit, said the ordinance will be an "important tool" to go after grocery stores, health food stores and other businesses. The bags are used by the thousand to sell small quantities of drugs at $10 or $20 a bag.
Heaven help us. This is how the third largest city in the United States handles it's issues, going after stores for selling zip lock bags.

H/T to The Volokh Conspiracy.

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Fits said...

They can pass all of the wacky laws they want, but without a modern gestapo ready willing and able to employ everything up to and including lethal force to defend a baggy-statute, all these nutcase politicians would be is a mere fascination.

phlegmfatale said...

Um, I make jewelry and some things I have need to be kept in wee little ziplocs. Things like loose gemstones and tiny precious metal components. *much eye-rolling here*

John R said...

Well then Ma'am, you best not head to Chicago then, your little baggies are paraphernalia.

What is really disturbing is the fact that the police want to “go after grocery stores, health food stores and other businesses.” No one is safe from the Police State.