Monday, March 17, 2008

Suicide Bomber Shot in Boulder


BOULDER, Colo. -- A man in a wheelchair who threatened to blow up Boulder Community Hospital with a detonation device strapped to his oxygen tank has been shot once in the chest, ending a four-hour-long standoff, police said.
If I'm ever in a situation where someone says he has a bomb, I doubt it will be four seconds before he has a bullet in him, not four hours. If someone straps a bomb on to themselves, go ahead and help them on over to the other side before they can hurt others.

Oh, before folks start weeping about the wheelchair:

Baughman, who was once a patient at the hospital, was not wheelchair-bound but was using the wheelchair as part of his threat, Huntley said.
Granted, the bomb may have very well been a fake, but in this day and age who wants to take that chance?


Anonymous said...

Even IF the bomb was fake, he deserved exactly what he got. Lead to the chest.

It's the same as if an idiot points a realistic gun at someone; he deserves some lead between the eyes. One less idiot to deal with.

John Hardin said...

Should have shot the valve off the tank and watched him go flying around the room...