Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There Ought to be a Law

"There ought to be a law..."

Every time I hear that phrase I cringe. The most asinine laws on the books are in effect because someone, at some time, said "There ought to be a law."

Boulder CO is home to some truly asinine laws. They try so very hard to out San Francisco San Francisco, it is hilarious. It gets even better when the idiotic nanny state laws pit liberal against liberal.

From the Daily Camera:

By Vanessa Miller

Kasia Broussalian, For the Camera  Joy Douglas poses for a portrait with her poodle,

A Boulder salon owner is facing a $1,000 fine for dyeing her miniature poodle pink -- and the woman said she plans to fight back.

Cici is a "breast-cancer awareness dog" who's been showing off her pink coat for three years at Zing Salon, 1100 Spruce St., said Joy Douglas, who owns both the salon and the poodle.

"Cici is being stripped of her civic duty," said Douglas, who is scheduled to face a judge in Boulder Municipal Court this morning in response to a March 1 citation. "And I don't plan to take it sitting down."
So who are the evil party poopers who would deny this pooch the right to perform it's civic duty?

...Lisa Pedersen, chief executive officer of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and the city's Animal Control and Care, said officers received "several calls about the animal" before they wrote the ticket.

"There were lots of people concerned about the dog," Pedersen said Monday. "And we have given more than one verbal warning, so we thought it would just be best to write the ticket and let it resolve itself in the court system."
The end result of this idiocy is that the tax payers are spending good money prosecuting a woman for dyeing her dog pink. The woman may move her business elsewhere, and most important, the woman learned an important life lesson.

But, she said, "It doesn't seem like the Boulder police want individuals here."
It's not just Boulder Ma'am, it is liberalism in general. Individualism is the enemy to modern liberalism.

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BobG said...

I don't understand; a little pink coloring is illegal, but people can dress up their dogs in awkward uncomfortable costumes and no one says a thing.