Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day at the Gun Show

There was a bit of unexpected excitement at today's gun show in Fort Worth. While I was talking with Michelle, one of the promoters of The Original Fort Worth Gun Show, a 9mm Bushmaster was reported stolen off of one of the tables. The reaction by the promoters, the police, and security was pretty darn quick. I do not know how long the rifle was missing before it was reported, and, as far as I know the firearm was not recovered.

V walked the isles with me today, and she has herself just about 3/4's talked in to picking up a hammerless .38. She is finding that carry options for her Browning Hi-Power don't quite fit her style of clothing and accessories. Heck, she uses a Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack for a purse, and the Hi-Power is even too large for that.

We spent some time talking with the owner of The Concealment Shop about their Holstered Handbags. V also showed an interest in a Pager Pal, but the guy selling them was good enough to explain how they do not work so well with the way women's jeans are cut.

The promoters of The Original Fort Worth Gun Show are doing a very good job of turning this show into the premier gun show in North Texas. As I have mentioned before, these Fort Worth folks are looking to give the Dallas Market Hall show a run for it's money. This was a large show, and money was changing hands. I even heard one of the smaller vendors complementing the promoters on the improvements to the venue. Pretty much anything you wanted could be found at this show, anything except Ruger's new LCP that is. Everyone was sold out of those, and from what I hear they sold out quick.

We gunnies in North Texas are a lucky group to have this kind of competition between our gun show promoters. Their efforts to improve just make things better for us.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear more about the versipack. I've thought about picking one up, but never seen 'em at a gun show or store to examine.

Anonymous said...

I went on Saturday. There's a ton of parking around the Will Rogers, but it still took me 15 mins to find a spot. Made me proud to be a Texan. How's that for a positive twist? :)

I nearly got shut-out. I was looking for a nice hard-side rifle case & some butler creek flip caps. I found neither. I did get an ammo can & a good price on some large rifle primers.

Ever wonder why they aren't allowed to sell powder at the show, but they can sell primers? Weird.

GreatBeefalo said...

Nuts! If I had known the Fort Worth show was this weekend, I wouldve stopped by. I really like the Market Hall's show--there are usually alot of private owners and collectors with unusual and curious firearms.

I'll mark the date at the next Fort Worth show and compare....