Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Double Whammy

Polling places and schools are off limits to legal concealed carry here in Texas. When your polling place is at a school you could be charged with two separate felonies for having your sidearm at your side while voting.

What's a free citizen to do?

Note: The issue of legalizing concealed carry on the premises of a school will be taken up during the next legislative session. That fact alone should highlight the importance of voting come November.


Anonymous said...


Is there a bill number or a name of the representative that is sponsoring the bill for the legislation you speak of? I want to make sure I track this and write as many letters as possible.

John R said...

A bill won't be introduced until the start of the next legislative session.

The best thing to do now is to let your rep's know that you support allowing CHL holders to carry on campus. If we start greasing the skids now, passage will be easier once the legislature reconvenes.

Anonymous said...

I sent letters to my state representatives but I don't it will do any good. Both are hard core Democrats in an area where no Republicans are willing to run against them. My state representative may have listened as he shot and killed a bugler into one of the homes he was building. He lost his primary to another person.

At least Rick Perry listens to me. I got a call back from one of his clerks.