Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What Can $350.00 Get Ya?

Sometime around Thanksgiving, our living room television went out. It was a big screen projection set that we had picked up third hand on the cheap. We got our monies worth out of it, but it was D.E.A.D dead. We moved the bedroom TV (an older RCA) into the living room until we could afford a new television. Well, the other weekend while V and I were out and about she surprised me by having us stop at an electronic store and purchasing a new plasma TV. The prices on those have really dropped post Super Bowl.

The purpose of this post isn't to talk about our new television, it is to talk about a remote control. Logitech has been pushing some serious advertising for their new "Harmony" universal remote control. V is not much interested in using a bunch of different remotes to run the entertainment system, so I thought I would check out one of these remotes that were being advertised all over the place. Oh My Goodness. They want $350.00 for a remote control, and it wasn't even the most expensive one! Ummm... if folks are buying $350.00 remote controls, the economy must not be doing all that bad.


JT said...

JR - the Harmonys are totally the way to go (just don't spend no $350 for one!). My wife is the same way, and she loves the fact that once you've done the geeky stuff in setting it up (a breeze by the way, done on the PC via the web with Logitech's very well-done software) there's a big button on it that says, "Watch TV", and she presses it and it turns everything on that needs to be on and sets everything to where it needs to be, and she's golden.

So like I said, don't go for the top-of-the-line $350 ones, but one of these should do just fine. They discontinued my model (668) otherwise I'd totally recommend that very one to ya.

John R said...

Thanks JT, those look good.

Also, congrt's on getting your CHL paperwork in, great job.