Thursday, March 20, 2008

Guns Stolen From Cheaper Than Dirt

Cheaper Than Dirt

From the Star Telegram:

By Bill Miller

Handguns taken from Fort Worth store

Nearly 20 handguns were stolen early Thursday from a gun store in north Fort Worth, police and a federal agent said.

The burglary was reported at 4:50 a.m. at the Cheaper Than Dirt store at the intersection of North Loop 820 and Interstate 35W, according to a police report.

There was an alarm and video surveillance of the break in, said Tom Crowley, spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

"Two subjects pried open the front door and broke into a glass case," Crowley said. "They took 19 handguns. These were high-end handguns.

"Apparently they did try to get some long guns, but they were secure."

The goblins are getting bolder all the time. There is a Sheriff's operation center just around the corner from this store, basically in the same parking lot.

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Just John said...

Dang. Time to hire some bored Marines to spend the night in the local gun shops...just better have a skilled cleanup crew for the morning after.

BobG said...

You can bet they don't end up in a "buy-back".

Anonymous said...

Guess you can't get much cheaper than "free", can you?

This sort of thing has to stop. The guns should be secure in people's homes, not sitting under glass. Eliminate all the unnecessary paperwork and record keeping, and get those guns into customers' hands faster. It's the best thing to do to reduce "guncrimes" such as "gunburglary".