Monday, March 03, 2008

Tuesday Primaries

The Texas Primaries are tomorrow, and tomorrow can not come too soon. A person can't turn around without hearing or seeing a Hillary/Obama/McCain ad. When you throw in the occasional Huckabee ad and even a couple Alan Keyes ads, there is not much air time left for the local contenders. For conservatives, the primaries are where we can make a difference. Both the Dallas and the Tarrant County Sheriffs are being challenged and there are a couple of incumbent state legislators who are being taken to task by new blood.

Tomorrow's vote is important, especially if you are a conservative.

One interesting note. I have not seen single print or television ad, or heard a single radio ad for Ron Paul. Lots of signs on fences and in peoples yards, but nothing in the paper, on the TV or from the radio. His supporters are doing a good job of canvasing neighborhoods, handing out flyers, and talking to people. I think a couple ad's in the mass media would go a long way towards backing them up.

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