Thursday, November 08, 2007

Analysis of a Mugging

Xavier has posted his Analysis of a Mugging. It contains some good food for thought. When you look at the images of the mugging in progress, you see how well prepared the muggers are, and how ill prepared the victim and witnesses are.

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Fits said...

Female cousin of mine was mugged years ago, while blissfully going about a pay-no-mind jaunt in a less than lawful part of town. Asked her afterwards why she was where she was and wouldn't paying some attention to the surroundings be a good idea and the answer was nope. They dress the way they want to , walk where they want to and won't alter their lifestyle because to them that means giving in and they'd rather be mugged than told where not to go or do.

Muggers know this, law enforcement knows this, and anyone whose ever lived in a big city knows this. Comes with the territory. To them, the victims, our calling attention to their plight is just another way of poking fun at those we consider to possess less attention to detail. They play the percentages, and the vast majority of them survive unscathed the vast majority of the time so why change. Beats walking around all uptight 24/7.

In my cousins case, I spoke with her husband about it and he was deadset against teaching her anything. He liked her being a girl and wanted her to stay a girl and that was that.