Monday, November 12, 2007

Bowling Against Bullets

I kid you not
The clip art above is from a promo flier for Bowling Against Bullets (.pdf), an anti-bullet event being held at Lucky Strike Lanes on Nov. 30.
A bowling alley is one of the last places I would have thought to support an event such as this. If you click on the link in the quote, you will find that Red Bull and Cadillac are also supporting this anti gun (well, bullet) event.

The only event that I would support that combines bullets and bowling pins is one like this:

My ammo stores have gotten a bit low, maybe I should have a fundraiser. Nah, fundraisers are too much work, blegging for bullets may be more like it.

Speaking of bullets, don't forget that National Ammo Day is just around the corner.

Bowling against bullets....pffffttttttt


Anonymous said...

Did you research further to find where the proceeds are going? Have you ever been to Lucky Strike which has a more nightclub setting? Read the WHOLE flier...what would be the point of bowling when there is a dress code with an auction being held for items such as donated Philadelphia 76er's autographs. I mean, really. I know you have the right to an opinion. You clearly have no interest, but took the time to clip from the flier, i notice you did not post the whole flier, and I wonder why. its ANTI GUN VIOLENCE and SINCE it is being held at a place with a FEW bowling lanes, thats what its creators and organizers chose to call it. Posting ads for National Ammo Day doesn't make you seem cool and rebellious. This is only something being held for the people who have lost someone to senseless shootings in Philadelphia. It will also showcase local artists. Two good causes. I don't see how someone could complain or insinuate anything from that.

JR said...

Hello Anon, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

To answer your question, yes I did research a bit more than you may think. Lucky Strike Lanes is a bowling alley, plain and simple. The fact that there is a 21+ dress code for this event does not alter the fact that it is being held at a bowling alley.

I do not know which "...organizations fighting against the gun violence" the proceeds are going to, but I know of no "anti gun violence" groups that actually do anything to help stop violence. All of these groups focus upon the gun, and not the goblin.

Your money would be much better spent addressing issues such as the revolving door justice system, street gangs and strengthening the family.