Wednesday, November 07, 2007

National Report ATF Abuse Day is Tomorrow!!

Ryan Horsley of Reds Trading Post fame is asking that we contact the US Department of Justice Office of Inspector General and our legislators to express our concern over the abuses against legitimate firearms dealers by the ATF.

Since 1994, 80% of all firearms dealers have been forced out of business. That means that close to 200,000 small businesses are out of business. A percentage of this number are folks who could not compete with the internet and the big box stores, but a majority of these folks were legitimate business people, forced out of business by the ATF.

This practice has to stop.

Please take a moment out of your busy day tomorrow to send a couple notes expressing your concern over the ATF's agenda of shutting down the firearms industry, the continued waste of tax money, or their development of a gun registration system.

Update: For more information, or ideas on what to mention in your correspondence, head on over to Red's.

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