Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pink Guns Make the News

From Lubbock Online:

By Henri Brickey

This ain't your grandpa's pistol.

It's little. It's pink. And stores are selling out of them.

Two months after opening its Lubbock store, Gander Mountain is having a hard time keeping the pink 9 mm Taurus pistol on the shelves.

"It has been really popular," said HT Crenshaw, who works at Gander Mountain's hunting and firearms department in Lubbock. "We don't even have any more in the store right now."

Don't worry. There are other pink pistols in stock. There's even a pink rifle. And a pink shotgun.

The Pink Tarus

Ashley Mathews stated:

"There are a lot of women who don't get into shooting sports because they don't want to be perceived as being unfeminine," Mathews said. "If it helps young women or girls eliminate their hesitation to get involved in shooting sports, then that's a wonderful thing."
Yes Ma'am, it is a wonderful thing.


Hyunchback said...

A few years back Butler Creek was turning out their 10/22 stock in colors other than black (all that's currently available). I've seen illustrations of blue ones and I have one in pink for my step-daughter's 10/22. (Got it through eBay before they turned totally into anti-gun Gestapo.)

All pale to the pink AR-15 furniture, though.

I think I'd pay $200 extra for an AK with pink furniture and the Kalashnikitty logo on the furniture.

TexasFred said...

Wow, maybe Springfield will make an XD-45 in pink, I'll get my wife one... roflmao...

TJH said...

"'They're putting on makeup, jewelry - things you never saw before at a shooting range,' Mathews said."

What? Don't all youse guys get dolled up before youse go to the range? I won't wear hoop earrings, though. They get stuck on an AR-15's charging handle.

Hyunchback said...

If your hoop earring is close to the charging handle when it's in operation you are doing it wrong!

A Jacksonian said...

Aww... you didn't put up the Hello Kitty! pistol! That is the epitome of cuddly cute pistols with the 'chronically addicted to Hello Kitty!' segment of the population in mind.