Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rule Number 2

Rule #2 - Keep your finger off the trigger unless your sights are on the target.

Granted, the firearm that Fred is holding has been verified empty and tie-wrapped by the gun show organizers, but a rule is a rule. Safe firearm handling needs to become a matter of habit. You can tell the shooters on a construction site, they are the ones who have their fingers along the frame of the battery drills.

This image was taken this morning at a gun show in South Carolina. The article is here


Fits said...

I always ask first if dry firing is permissible and there'd be many a shot of me doing something similar as I've never once purchased a firearm without squeezing the trigger at least once.

JR said...

You are correct. Dry firing, with permission of the owner, is an important check when purchasing a firearm.

I kind of doubt that is what is happening in this image

Matt said...

Let's be fair, the picture doesn't show either his front sight or where it is pointed. That being said, whenever I handle weapons at a gun show, I always point upwards.