Thursday, November 08, 2007

Evening at The Range

Well, it is official. I am a new guy at IDPA. This was my third defensive pistol match, the first indoors. There were pretty close to 30 shooters, and it was fun. I really need to work on getting my head into what is going on if I want to do better at these matches. Tonight I failed the "follows instructions when told" test. One of the stages included three strings. The first string was to shoot two targets, three shots each over cover. The magazine was downloaded to 6 rounds so you had to reload at slide lock then move to a taller cover. Shoot two targets, three rounds each from cover, then perform a tactical reload. Up to this point I am doing okay, perform my tactical reload (a reload with the slide forward and a round still in the chamber) and move to cover #3. This string was set up to shoot over cover, strong hand only, three rounds each at two targets and not shoot the no-shoot target. Not quite the way I shot it. I used both hands for the first shot, magazine fell loose, but not out. Secured magazine, chambered a round, fired two shots then had a failure to feed. The slide just had not returned all the way to battery. Fixed problem from behind cover then fired my final three rounds to finish the stage. Those last three rounds were a triple tap to beat all triple taps. I did good, all on target, even received comments on my speed. Only problem is that they were on the wrong target. That one stage pretty much blew the whole match for me score wise.

So, as you can see, the Kimber is not yet 100%, and I am not much good at IDPA (yet). It was a lot of fun, a great learning experience, and I am going to improve. As for the Kimber, I have an idea or two to try out before sending it off to Arizona.

One more thing:

Last night I wore one of my Hawaiian print silk shirts to the match. This is a usual cover for going shopping or out to the mall. Clearing the firearm was not a problem, I had practiced that enough to keep from getting fouled in the shirt. Clearing the reload magazine on the other hand... I do not usually carry spare magazines, so have not practiced from one of these shirts. It is quite the lonely feeling, standing there at slide lock, empty magazine on the floor, and full magazine tangled up in your shirt tail. Something else I have learned that I need to work on.


Hyunchback said...

IDPA is fun. I regret that my work schedule is preventing me from going this weekend (and next month, too).

Fits said...

It CAN be a pain to reload from the under a shirt scenario, which is why I myself would open carry some of the time. Particularly in the swamp when you've just unloaded a mag and up pops another big ol hog with goring intentions.Thats why some folks favor the NY reload.