Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jesse Jackson, Where Are You?

Jesse Jackson, the defender of the downtrodden and the Black Knight in the fight against guns sure seems to spend a lot of time protesting law abiding and legal gun shops. He and his pal Pfleger even went so far at to get arrested for protesting outside of Chuck’s Gun Shop in south suburban Riverdale Illinois. He will do anything to get those evil guns off of the streets.

Well... I guess almost anything.

It seems a rapper with the stage name T.I. was arrested for the attempted illegal purchase of three machine guns, two silencers and a pistol. I really do not know who the heck T.I. is, but he must be pretty big in the rap music business. He is out on $3,000,000 bail, and under house arrest until the trial. For the full story you can go to E Online and read the article "T.I. Raps on Gun Rap" by Josh Grossberg

So Jesse, where the heck are you? Why are you not outside this rappers house with your Rainbow Coalition protesting him and his illegal attempt to purchase machine guns? What do you think he was going to do with these guns? He owns a domain called Streetcred.com, don't you think that to have cred on the street, you have to prove that you will use the firepower that you have? Who do you think he was going to shoot, white suburban housewives? I don't think so.

What little rap music I have actually listened to (I did used to have teenage daughters you know) demeaned women and promoted violence against both cops and blacks. So Jesse, what does protesting gun dealers and manufacturers accomplish? Why do you not speak out against the rappers that actually promote violence in the "hood"?

Oh, you are correct. The gun dealers and manufactures may call the police on you, but they won't put a bullet in you. Can't say that for the rappers.


Fits said...

Liberal politicians, cops, and media are terribly brave when taking on the good guys. Like the feminazi's that protest every real or imagined slight against their gender except when it comes to going toe to toe with real evil such as islam. Cowardly opportunists, all.

LibertyPlease said...

Jesse Jackson is a shallow and ignorant man, I doubt that many feel he represents them. I'd wager he's just the go-to guy because authorized journalists are mostly lazy.

BobG said...

JJ is a typical media whore; he goes where the spotlight shines.