Thursday, November 08, 2007

Working on the Kimber

The last couple of times I went out to the range, I had issues with my sidearm. During a Defensive Pistol Match I encountered a failure to feed, and then a failure to extract during practice. Two failures out of 300 rounds may not sound like much, but that is unacceptable for a pistol that I carry every day. It is also a deviation from the normal reliability that I have become accustomed to with this pistol.

Last night I think I may have found the problem. The lower edge of the barrel's feed ramp does not exactly match up with the upper edge of the feed ramp cut into the frame. A small burr had formed along the top of the frame's feed ramp. I used a buffing pad to take the burr off, and then polished the feed ramp with a bit of 30 micron diamond lapping compound on a Q Tip.

There is an IDPA match this evening at the Winchester Gallery, I figure that is as good a time as any to shake it out and see if I have fixed the problem.

If not, I'll be sending the Kimber off to Don Williams to get his Basic Street Package done.


the pistolero said...

The Kimber doesn't have a ramped barrel? I thought all of them came with ramped barrels; both of mine did, but then they're both relatively new. Good luck with your sidearm, I hope you ironed out the problem.

JR said...

The Pro Carry's have a "polished feed ramp and throated barrel".

the pistolero said...

Interesting. I thought all the Kimbers came with ramped barrels from the start. I don't know how it actually works out, but it would seem to me they'd make the pistol that much more reliable. But of course the original design has worked great, no question.