Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stay Safe

The holiday thieving season is upon us, and the goblins seem to really be out in force this year. In North Texas, we have two crews working parking lots and stealing purses from lone women. One woman, a teacher, was beaten so bad she is still in serious condition, another was dragged and another just bruised. Several others have been robbed and a woman on a bicycle was robbed and beaten for her Ipod. We have had a nighttime robbery of a pawn shop, and a daytime takeover type robbery of a "Rent-a-Center". It is a mess out there.

This time of year it is very important to keep on top of things and to stay aware of your surroundings. Choose your parking space at the mall carefully. If you are a woman alone, don't even think about parking next to that SUV or van with the blacked out windows. Even better, try not to be a woman alone when you go shopping.

Syd of Front Sight, Press, posted a commentary by Jim Higginbotham that is deserving of a read.

1. Stay alert. If you are not “paranoid” you may not be paying attention.

2. Be armed at all times. Being “Armed” means knowing how to reflexively use your weapon also. As Jeff Cooper says: “You are no more armed because you have a pistol than you are a musician because you own a piano.”

3. As my esteemed colleague, Tom Givens points out, there are no “safe” places. Murderers and social predators travel freely.

4. Don’t stereotype. All young males are not thugs and all old frail men are not harmless (nor women for that matter).

5. Don’t give up!!!!!! Handguns are not the “hammer of Thor”. If you get shot, then do something to keep from getting shot again! Then worry about getting the bullet hole fixed.

6. Make sure your bullets will go through car doors if possible.

7. Learn to shoot on the move!
Just some more food for thought on staying safe.

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Fits said...

As a big fan of the KISS principle, one may toss out all of the "be-sure-to's" and encapsulate them into one simple statement.

Be polite to all, friendly to none, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet.