Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Shot At The 2nd Amendment

Investors Business Daily weighs in on District of Columbia v. Heller.

Bill Of Rights: What does "the right to keep and bear arms" really mean? If the Supreme Court reviews the overturning of the draconian gun-control law in effect in the District of Columbia, we may finally have an answer...

...Governments have powers. It is individuals who have rights. The Bill of Rights was an enumeration of those individual rights to be protected from the intrusion of an oppressive government, whether it be freedom of speech, freedom of religion or the right to bear arms.

Based on its track record thus far, we feel — and hope — the Roberts court will agree and settle the matter once and for all.
The first paragraph of this editorial is poorly written. We know and understand what "the right to keep an bear arms" really means. The answer we are hoping to get from SCOTUS should go a long way towards limiting the .gov's infringement upon that right.

Go and read the whole thing. It is interesting to see an investment daily taking an official pro 2A stand in it's editorial pages.

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