Sunday, November 11, 2007

Owner's Manual Silliness

I was looking around for an owners manual for a .22 revolver when I found this:

  • Place a gun lock on your firearm when storing it.

  • Never place a gun lock on a loaded firearm.

  • Locking your firearm might result in your death due to slow
  • The firearm manufacturers have a heck of a time trying to write an owners manual in such a way as to minimize their liability. I do not envy them much, but that right there is just plain silly.
    I don't want to die, so I found a better use for a gun lock. One that may even slow the goblins a bit instead of me.

    What is your best use of a gun lock?


    AlanDP said...

    I tried to use the one that came with my Mossberg shotgun to secure a ladder in the back of my truck. But the first time I tried to use, it fell apart. It just fell into pieces in my hands. Worthless.

    BobG said...

    I don't have any, but they would probably make decent paperweights.

    Fits said...

    One drawer loaded with holsters I never use and another full of locks I never use. Both are signs of far too much time on my hands and monuments to wasted money.

    In other words, the typical old gunny.

    Gary said...


    flashman said...

    We use 'em to lock our bicycles to wall racks in our garage - we leave the garage door open a lot....

    JR said...

    Targets, locking up bicycles, attempting to secure ladders, all much better uses than stringing them through the chamber of a firearm.

    It is a good thing they are pretty much free.

    JR said...

    If y'all send some pictures, I'll do a post on "things to do with a gun lock".