Thursday, November 22, 2007

Live Blogging the Turkey

1000 hours:

41°F, 15 mph winds. The pit is not quite up to temperature yet, but it is time to but the bird on the rack.

1130 hours:

43°F, 14 mph winds. The first turn.

Proper temperature control is important, but some folks go overboard.

1240 hours:

What is the worst possible weather change that could happen? Why sleet of course. 41°F, 13 mph winds, and light sleet.

1300 hours:

42°F, 14 mph winds (the wind is much less than the forecast stated) and the sleet has stopped.

The second turn.

When dinner was done, the live blogging took a back seat to the eating.

The guest of honor:

The spread:

And the snow. It actually snowed during dinner, huge flakes. I did a poor job of capturing the image, but you can see the flakes.

Last but not least, the Cowboys won.

The model was a bit squirmy, but you get the idea of who her mommy was rooting for.

I sincerely hope everyone had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as we did. I am off, there is a pumpkin pie, a fresh pot of coffee and a bottle of White Port calling my name.

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