Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Busy Saturday

I mentioned earlier that the company I work for had significantly cut my manpower. My Lead Mechanic broke his back three years ago or so. Last month he had some complications that are going to keep him out for at least another few weeks. Needless to say my workload had jumped. Today was spent performing annual maintenance on one of our four 150 hp low pressure air compressors. I am liking getting back into wrenching. I was reprimanded a couple of years ago for being too hands on, the company culture has changed.

After getting cleaned up from work, V and I went out Colter's for dinner. Not the best Barbecue, but it was close and I didn't have to cook.

After dinner V bought me a new laptop to make it easier to blog from Blackwater. Did I marry good or what?

So that is what I have been doing this evening, getting everything set up and tinkering around with my new toy.

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