Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sniper Frogs

In this week's Fort Worth Weekly we find an article on sports alternatives to the Olympics for those who may be interested in something a little different.

By Dan McGraw

Forget the Olympics. You can watch world-class sports first-hand at your local park, bar, or shooting range.
Featured in this article is the Texas Christian University rifle team.

Sniper Frogs

Texas Christian University finished third in this year’s NCAA rifle team competition. But these were not Texas good ol’ boys polishing up their deer-hunting skills. The squad is made up entirely of women.

Lauren Sullivan helped the TCU rifle team finish third in the country.

Shooters use two kinds of rifles (small-bore and air rifle) to fire at targets from a distance of about 50 feet. All the members of TCU’s team will be juniors this year (Riford, Erin Lorenzen, Emily Paper, and Lauren Sullivan), so the expectations are high. In last year’s college championships, the TCU women finished just a few points behind second-place Army (all men) and also beat out Navy, which came in seventh. Three team members were named All-Americans.
Okay, we can leave the Navy jokes at the door.

These young ladies are quite proficient at their sport and coverage like this can only help the gun rights movement.

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