Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tron Guy on Guns

I didn't realize that the Tron Guy was still making news.

From City Pages - The Blotter

By Ben Palosaari

Tron Guy On Guns:

"I bought (an AK-47) on the day congress passed the assault weapons ban as a [makes obscene gesture] to the government," Maynard, a gun enthusiast, says. He frequently packs a Glock 27 and says that Minnesota's gun permits are even better than the laws in his native Texas. In Texas, he explains, you must conceal the weapon you're carrying, but in Minnesota, you can have it visible. He conceals his when he carries. Maynard believes that by carrying a concealed weapon, he helps prevent crime. While we were talking about guns, Neubauer left the room and returned with a fire extinguisher. "Does this make me an arsonist?" He asked. The same principle applies to guns, they maintain. It's a tool to stop something bad rather than start something bad.

A funny story they told me: One of Maynard and Neubauer's friends buys a new gun every year on gun control advocate Sarah Brady's birthday. His motto is, "If she wants me to stop buying guns, she should stop having birthdays."

Tron Guy On Politics:

"I couldn't stand having you on my (Livejournal) friends list; you're just too right wing for me," Maynard says is a common complaint he gets for his political blog post. The two are libertarian-leaning conservative that believe in protecting gun rights and having a smaller, more efficient government.

"I have severe heartburn with the concept of government-run healthcare. That is a train wreck waiting to happen," Maynard says.

Seems to have his head on right to me, well... other than running around in that costume.

Head on over and read the article, you might find it interesting.


DJK said...

That's a cool data frisbee. or whatever. ;)

Anonymous said...

tron guy is a weirdo and is dangerous