Saturday, August 23, 2008

Images From Day 1

As promised, here they are.

Let's start with breakfast. As you can see, Robb was really happy to be here.

Then we are on the bus and off to Blackhawk. The inside is just as cool as the outside.

After the visit at Blackhawk, we made it to Blackwater.

My first target with the new gun. We started on spot 2, then 3 and finally a couple of mags in 1. Not bad for my first time with this ParaUSA LDA trigger system

Caleb shows good form as he prepares to down some plates.

Here's Todd and Tam, the ones most of you are probably interested in seeing.

And yes Virginia, there really are Black Helicopters.

That was just one small snip of our first day.

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Just John said...

Is it bad form to tell you how envious I am? Is it rude to say that I'm wishing I could tag along? Yes? Sorry...