Saturday, August 02, 2008

More First Time Gun Owners

More and more people are waking to the idea that violent crime happens every day, and really can happen to them. Robberies, rapes, murders and car jackings are just a normal part of the daily news. When folks realize that they really can become the target of a violent goblin, they start to take action to defend themselves.

From News Radio 1200 WOAI

By Berit Mason

When Ricardo Ruiz’s neighbor opened the door to a gunman and was shot in the face, Ruiz took action. He’s one of the new first time gun owners in San Antonio, learning to shoot at Texas Thunder Shooting Range.

“I chose our neighborhood as it was a safe place to live. When this happened my wife and I carefully discussed what we should do. We decided, for the first time, to get a gun for self-protection.”...

...Jerry McCall of Texas Thunder says he’s seeing a lot more customers like Ruiz.

“When a crime happens to someone, suddenly they come in scared and wanting a gun. Right now, with a bad economy, crime rises and then people want to be armed. There’s been some 40 percent increase in concealed weapons carried since January,” he says.
If you are one of these new gun owners, good on you. Congratulations on making the decision to be proactive in providing for the safety and security of yourself and your family.

I hope you understand that with firearm ownership comes responsibility. It is your responsibility to become proficient in the safe and competent handling of that firearm. You are responsible for ensuring that everyone in your household understands firearm safety.

Get some training. The NRA has some outstanding training opportunities for first time gun owners. Your local gun shop should be able to point you in the right direction also. To get started, you can learn a bit about firearm safety right here.

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Anonymous said...

It is important that we as gun owners bring people into our sport. This year I have taught four people that have never handled a weapon, and two are now conceal gun carriers.