Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great News, Mystery Solved

On Thursday I asked if anyone could Recognise This Pistol?

Well someone has and that piece of American history is on it's way home.

From the Star Telegram:

By Chris Vaughn

Morris, 62, can hardly believe that he opened his morning Star-Telegram and saw his father’s service weapon and his mother’s picture, in the hands of the Parker County sheriff. He had all but given up hope he would see it again.

"Nothing in this world that I owned had more sentimental value to me," he said. "That gun meant the world to me. It means the world to me. I was in tears when I read that article."

Last October, someone stole three guns from Morris’ house, including his father’s .45-caliber Army pistol. He filed a police report with Stephenville but did not have the serial numbers.
I'll take this opportune moment to remind everyone to write down the serial numbers of all of their firearms, especially ones that are passed down in the family.

This pistol has quite the history. Here is one quick quote:

The custom, plexiglass hand grips came from the windshield of a crashed German bomber.

"His men took that windshield out and made those grips for his weapon," Jim Morris said. "They really admired him."
Head on over and read the rest.

There are states in this country where it is getting harder and harder to pass down important family heirlooms such as this pistol. Just something to think about when the politicians and the anti's start talking about restricting private party transfers.

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