Saturday, August 30, 2008

More on Palin

D. Martyn covers the 10 reasons Why Palin Is An Excellent Choice for McCain.

It really is funny when you read blogs and news releases that attempt to make an issue of Palin's inexperience as an executive. They try to make the case that her short ten year as Governor of the nation's largest state does not qualify her to be in the position that is "just one heartbeat" away from the presidency. The irony of Obama, and those who support him, trying to make a perceived "lack of experience" in an opponent a concern for voters is almost overwhelming in it's magnitude.

Here is a man who has accomplished absolutely nothing in his tenure as a state and federal Senator. As a candidate, Obama has been very successful. Senator Obama has crushed the Clinton Machine. He has also accomplished something that has never been done before, he is the first black man to lead his party to the Presidential Elections. But as a representative of the people, he has accomplished nothing, nada, zilch. It is this lack of accomplishment that makes it dangerous for the Obama team to harp on any seeming lack of experience on Panlin's part, her list of accomplishments will come back to slap them straight upside the head.


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Hey man, have a safe weekend. and watch out for these fools - u know how some folks drive

chris horton said...

I'll still neither vote for D or R in November.(At least not who they want us to vote for!)

Have a great holiday weekend!


John R said...

Hey T, I won't be driving late in the evening, that's for sure. I was kinda hoping this post would catch your attention.

Chris, I've not been following PA politics so I don't know who you have to choose from down the ballot. I hope there is someone worthy of your vote and your time.