Friday, August 15, 2008

Zedler v. Turner, Texas House District 96

As I mentioned previously, I will be highlighting a few of our local races for state office that are close and really need our support. The first local race that I would like to highlight is the race for Texas House District 96. Texas H.D. 96 includes portions of Fort Worth, Crowley, Burleson, Kennedale, Mansfield and Arlington.

The incumbent in this race is Representative Bill Zedler. Rep. Zedler spoke at the Republican Senate District 10 Convention, and I had the opportunity to meet him a few weeks later. I like Bill Zedler, and even though I am not in his district, I have volunteered to help with his campaign. If you live in H.D. 96, it won't be long before you might find me knocking at your door, asking for your vote.

Representative Zedler is a strong conservative legislator. Rep. Zedler helped us pass the Castle Doctrine Law and worked to insure that New Orleans type gun confiscations would not happen in Texas. Rep. Zedler also helped pass "Jessica's Law", a law that imposes a minimum sentence of 25 years for sexually violent offenses against a child younger than 14, and the possibility of the death sentence for second offenders. Bill Zedler is my kind of legislator.

Rep. Zedler has also been a strong supporter of low taxes, a free market and secure borders. You would think that with all he has stood for in Austin, his reelection would be a shoe in. There are some indications that may not be the case.

The Democrat contender for HD 96 is Chris Turner. It appears that the Democrat Party has targeted HD 96 and has piled a lot of money into Mr. Turner's campaign. As of mid July, Mr. Turner has received $240,166 in campaign contributions. This is significantly more than Representative Zedler's $206,781. As you can see, a whole lot of money is pouring into the Turner campaign.

Chris Turner is pleased with his fundraising efforts, pleased enough to brag a bit:

“While we were thrilled with our fundraising success so far, we fully expected the incumbent to have much more money in the bank at this point,” said Turner. “To have raised and banked more than Rep. Zedler is the strongest indication yet of how well our message of change is resonating and how much trouble his campaign is in.”

Turner’s fundraising was fueled by the support of over 400 donors. “I am truly humbled and honored to have the support of hundreds of Texans who agree with our goal of bringing more partnership and less partisanship to Austin,” Turner said. “This campaign will be won with the support of teachers, small business owners, retirees and working families, and I am proud to have so many actively supporting our campaign.”

Zedler’s weak fundraising in Tarrant County is an indication of a shallow support base, forcing him to rely on the deep pockets of a few donors around the state. For example, the controversial Dr. James Leininger, a staunch proponent of private school vouchers, has already given Zedler $20,000 this year – nearly 10% of his fundraising total.
Taking a quick look at the contributors to Turner's campaign, we find that not many of them are actually from HD 96.

Over $58,000 in contributions to Turner's campaign came from Unions, PAC's, various chapters of the Democrat Party and out of state donors. 24% of the Turner campaign war chest did not come from "hundreds of Texans" who agree with Mr. Turner's platform. Add to that amount the more than $115,000 supplied from folks who live in Dallas, Waco, Austin and Houston, you can see that there is a concentrated effort by the Democrats to remove Bill Zedler from office.

Receiving this much attention from the Democrats must mean that Bill is doing something right. Rep. Bill Zedler has been endorsed by the Texas State Rifle Association, the NRA, Texas Alliance for Life, Texas Hospital Association, Texas State Association of Firefighters, Young Conservatives of Texas, Texans for Lawsuit Reform, Texas Municipal Police Association, Texas Association of Realtors, and Texas Right to Life.

Let me add to that list JR from A Keyboard and a .45.

Bill Zedler needs our help. First and foremost he needs our time. He needs us to take the time to vote this November, and to get our relatives and friends to vote. He needs us to volunteer our time helping his campaign. There are lots of ways we can help, give them a call and they will use you. During the last election, only 40% of registered voters from HD 96 actually voted. We need to do all we can to get Republicans to the polls. The Democrats are working hard, Republicans can work harder. Next, Bill needs our money. Keep Texas strong, help keep Bill Zedler in office. Contribute what you can. $5, $50 or $500, anything you can contribute will be put to good use.

Representative Bill Zedler has done a good job of representing us in Austin, let us do a good job of keeping him there.

To volunteer with, contribute to, or learn more about Bill Zedler, head on over to his website or call the Friends of Bill Zedler at 817.478.7295.


Catalogablog said...

Zedler is breaking the law in fund raising though. Bill Zedler (HD96 – Arlington) is kicking off his re-election campaign with a fundraising event that clearly violates federal campaign finance laws. Zedler is using Republican Members of Congress, Joe Barton and Kay Granger, to promote his 2008 campaign and to help solicit donations far in excess of the amount allowed by federal law.

John R said...

Those are some interesting charges there David, you might want to back them up with more than your word. As a matter of fact, go ahead and file a complaint, don't just post a comment on a blog.

JOE said...

Zedler is a joke. He also took money from the Tom Delay group Texans for a Rep. Majority that was not legal and he did not return the money back in 2002. Those guys will end up in jail read the latest from the court todayAlso he took money from the Beer Wholesalers lobby. Kind of funny since he was the one trying to keep Hooters in S. Arlington from selling beer.

Anonymous said...

Bll Zedler is the man to vote for! Keep in mind that Chris Turner has over $450,000 in campaign money.... and none of it is from district 96. Which is the district he's running in. And Chris has only lived in the district for 6 months.
So, Joe... shut up and do your research. Bill Zedler is also a Vietnam veteran, and received the taxpayer hero award. Joe, shut up and pick on a politician your own size.

Anonymous said...

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