Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday's Blog of The Week

Back in April, Syd announced that he was Taking a Break from blogging. With 24 posts so far this month, it appears that the break is over. In case you have not guessed, this weeks Sunday Blog of The Week is...

Syd is one of my favorites. He is an authority on the 1911, and strong supporter of our right to keep and bear arms.

Recent posts that highlight his talent include:

The Magical Talisman Gun

.380 Redux and Other Mouseguns (a follow up post to No Confidence in the .380)

Definitely Madness - The Alamo and The Wind at Mt. Carmel.

Any 1911 fans need to spend some time Syd's 1911 information site, it has done me a ton of good.

Welcome back Syd!


Syd said...




NotClauswitz said...

Neat-o! I was aware of The Sight 1911A1 for years, since back when I was researching and buying my '43 1911A1 - but I was unaware of the blog, thanks.