Friday, August 08, 2008

Opening Ceremonies

Dinner was going very well. Two perfectly grilled rib eye steaks (from grass fed beef), grilled asparagus, and yeast rolls. The wine, a 2006 vintage Two Hands Angels Share Shiraz, was just about a perfect match for the meal and the evening. V and I were watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, eating dinner and talking about our respective days. The food, wine and company was outstanding. The visual effects of the ceremonies was something to be seen. The Chicoms have to be commended on the effort that went in to that pageant.

Well, they have to be commended up until the point where we got a mini lecture on globull warming and the misuse of our natural resources. The largest polluters on this planet are going to lecture the world on pollution? The country that devours the most natural resources than any other is going to lecture us on their misuse? I don't think so.

I'm not sure if the talking heads were reading from a network script or one written by the Chinese. Either way, to read that load of crud for an American audience was just plain wrong.

Shortly after that fiasco there was a bit that reminded me of Douglas Adams. There was a skit that was meant to highlight the Chinese space program. A planet came out of the stage, dancers were circling the planet and two signers sang from atop the planet. Over the signers heads, whales were swimming through the sky. I had to laugh.

I just hope that everyone who is watching the Olympics remembers this one fact. China is not our friend.


Justin Buist said...

China is not our friend.

They did give a pretty good round of applause when our athletes came out though.

Their government may not like us, but I've got no qualms with the average Chinese man or woman. and I bet they feel pretty much the same way.

Frances Clements said...

I thought it was interesting that in communist China where the government would like everyone to be atheist they had a show celebrating their religious roots. If Chicago gets the Olympics in 2016, what do you think the odds are that our Christian roots will be celebrated? About zero, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

I think the point of the Olympics is to put aside everyones differences and be a world community. I'm loving the Olympics (and staying up WAY to late watching!)
Hope all goes well at Blackwell :)