Saturday, July 21, 2007

Day at The Range

Note to self:

If you go to the range to try out new ammunition, remember to put said ammo into your range bag.

Here I sit, looking at my brand new box of Federal HST. This is the same box of ammo that I intended to function check this afternoon at the range. Does not do me much good sitting on my computer desk. It is a good thing that was not the main reason for my heading to the range today. My daughter is heading back to DE tomorrow, so today was one last day at the range together until next summer.

I sighted the Martini in at 50 yards for her, and she shot up a couple of targets to take home and show off to friends.

This is my five shot group after the sight in, not to bad (not to great either) for peep sights using Remington Golden Bullets. The basic Remington high velocity plated round nose .22 long rifle at 50 yards.

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My daughter had a good time and put several hundred rounds into a 5 inch circle. We shot off of sandbags and it was a good, relaxing day at the range.


Fits said...

Nice work. Keep practicing and you'll soon be able to hit that quarter.

the pistolero said...

Haha, I ALWAYS double-check to make sure the range bag has the gun food in it before I hit the door...

John R said...

Those quarters are quite elusive.

I did have plenty of range ammo in the bag, even had some Hydra-Shoks, but no HST's.

Anonymous said...

Would you elaborate about teaching your daughter to shoot? Mine is 12 and I am determined to teach her to shoot but I don't want to spook her.

John R said...


How interested is she in learning to shoot? Assuming that she is interested, you might start by letting her help with the disassembly and cleaning of your firearms. This is a great opportunity to work on safety habits and will boost her comfort level with the guns.

When you do go to the range, make it her day and make it fun. Focus entirely upon her. This is not a day for you to do much shooting.

If she is going to be shooting a rifle, make sure it is sized well for her, and preferably a .22. Set her up on a bench with some sandbags or a rest, and make sure she is comfortable.

The first target I usually have new shooters use is a big, blank, white sheet of paper. Maybe a paper plate if that is all I have available. A roll of butcher paper works well for this. This takes a lot of the stress out of the first shots, and allows you to work on the basics of firing a firearm.

Once she is comfortable with shooting, then you can add some fun. A soda can on a string, target spinners, clay pigeons in the berm, target spots that are very obvious, anything that reacts when it is shot. Make it fun, and she will be looking forward to the next time you get to hit the range together.

If you live in the DFW area, I will be more than happy help.