Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dem Debate, Youtube and Jared Townsend

Jared Townsend has caused quite a stir in the gun board/blogging community today.

You have not heard of Jared Townsend?

Jared is the guy who got a gun control question posed on national TV during the youtube debates.

Just in case you missed it (not too many folks watched the Dem's prance around more softball pitches during this last round of "debates"), so can't blame you) here it is:

Please watch the half minute video before continuing on.

I am quite surprised by some of the commentary posted in response to this question.


Posted By txharleyrider

And speaking about idiots in possesion of firearms...I'm sure most of you have seen the youtube debate questions thing on the news...anyone see the clip they showed of the dumbass that said "what I want to know is if our babys will be protected...this is my baby" with that said he pulled up his AR-15...I don't remember what debater said something like "I wonder if he responsible enough to own that weapon". I don't know about you...but I don't think these are the type of dumb asses we need speaking up for the 2-A. I'm sure most who saw that thought what a nut...private citizens shouldn't be able to own guns like that. He did more harm than good.
David, of The War on Guns, posted the following in response to authorized journalist : Steve Terrel:

Steve Terrell did get one thing right--not about his panty-wringing hysterics, or his ignorance (or intentional deception) by referring to "an automatic rifle," but in his observation that Gov. Richardson missed a great opportunity.

He should have chastised the questioner for performing an agenda-driven stunt. He should have demanded the guy's background be looked into, to see if he was really a gun rights advocate or a mole from the other side trying to make gun owners look like lunatics. He should have also chastised CNN for allowing a question designed to push so many buttons through without also allowing for a rational question about the rights and responsibilities of gun ownership to be made--it's not like the network didn't sift through all submissions to pick and reject based on their own subjective criteria.
When I watch the video, I see a pretty much regular guy trying to be creative enough to get a RKBA question asked at the debate. When I watch Senator Biden's response, I see the utter contempt that he and others like him have for those of us who treasure freedom and respect liberty.

Biden's response:

This was the 2nd Amendment question that was asked, and we did learn a lot from the two answers. We learned that Richardson is against private sales of firearms, and Biden re-affirmed the fact that he is a pompous ass.

Or as Michelle Malkin puts it:

July 25, 2007 -- SEN. Joe Biden is the embodiment of snide. Snide is the embodiment of the left-wing attitude toward gun owners. So when snide Joe Biden confronted a YouTube user who asked Democrat presidential candidates about gun control during a debate Monday night, what unfolded was a Teachable YouTube Moment - the caught-on-tape embodiment of ideological snideness toward the Second Amendment and those who defend it.
Thanks Fits.

If you are interested in Jered Townsend's point of view, check out The Reason Interview. An interview with Jered concerning the debate and his video.

Thanks to Ryan for sending and email with a link to the interview.


Anonymous said...

I thought something was funny with this guy, JR. He joined in 9/06, but this was the only thing he posted. He has no other videos, no favorites, no playlists and is not part of any groups. His handle doesn't stick out, but I don't recall seeing him comment on any other gun-related videos.

Not that this guy is a bad example. Youtube is full of both typical Pro-2A shooters and morons doing stupid things. Anyone with a FLV or MPEG-4 decoder and Windows Movie Maker could put together a montage that would cause a hoplophobe to have a heart attack.

But if you read his answers to comments following the video, you'll see he's pretty much a stand-up guy.

" jeredt (5 days ago) Marked as spam
...For those of you who support me: Thank You...for those of you who support Biden, keep in my[sic] I bought this gun legally under the gun ban he supported. I am a law-biding citizen who looks to protect our gun rights. Apparently I don't want to vote democrap!"

Note the "marked as spam". Some idiot wants his comments removed because he has a differing political opinion (Stalinist).

John R said...

I have found good and bad on youtube, and highlight a few as I find them.

This video by Jared put a Second Amendment question to the Dems, and they reacted as expected.

First belittle the firearm entheusist. Then launch into the tirade meant to arouse the emotions of the audience, ignoring logic and facts. This is the only avenue the antis have, and they use it often.

Jered comes across to me as being sincere, and the reaction to his question by Biden says a lot.