Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stupid Victim Tricks

I would never blame a injured party for being a victim of a violent crime. The goblin is always at fault for the violence he generates, not the victim. That being said, folks really should realize that we live in a world infected by goblins and act accordingly.

From the Star Telegram:

By Deanna Boyd

FORT WORTH — Police are investigating two unrelated Monday-night home invasions in Fort Worth, including one that involved the dognapping of four pit bull puppies.
The home invasion I am highlighting does not involve puppies.
About 11:45 p.m., a 46-year-old man told police that he and six acquaintances were inside his home in the 1100 block of East Tucker Street when three men dressed in all black and wearing ski masks entered an unlocked door. The men displayed handguns, then ordered everyone inside the house to the floor.

They demanded money from the 46-year-old victim and shot him in the left arm when he refused to give them any. When he continued to refuse, the men fired at the floor and several articles of furniture inside the house. They then took the victim’s wallet from his pocket before fleeing in an unknown vehicle.
What could have led these goblins to this house?
"According to one of the witnesses, the victim had been bragging about a large amount of money he had on his person earlier in the evening and that dozens of people had been in and out of the residence through the night,"
Talk about hanging a "rob me" sign over your head. Dimes for dollars adult beverages were involved in the days activities. You don't leave your laptop sitting on the front seat of your car. You don't leave your garage door open when you leave home for the day. And, you don't go bragging about a windfall of money to folks you barely know.

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