Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Folks Questioning the Activities of the ATF

The Liberty Sphere has posted commentary on the ATF's continuing abuses of power.

From the article:

The main question is why is the ATF suddenly conducting this ultra-aggressive campaign against American small business engaged in the lawful selling of firearms.

That question becomes more critical when one considers that some of the oldest and most reputable gun sellers in the nation have become targets. If the problem were the illegal sale of firearms then such a tactic would be defensible.

But the shops the ATF has targeted, particularly within the past year, indicate that much more is behind the shutdowns and harassment than a concern about illegal activity...


Fits said...

Devil's advocate time. There are few places of business more vilified than gun shops. We've all been there, done that. Pissing off a government agency is never a bright thing to do, and there are more than one or two folks grinning from ear to ear that one store or another is being made to face the music after crank yanking a fed. This is shortsighted of course and doesn't take into account the damage done to our right to bear arms should guns stores simply go away.

Anonymous said...

The feds are running amok, everywhere and all agencies are involved. Watch as our freedoms are slowly and inexorably eroded by increasingly agressive federal "law enforcement". The police state has arrived.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a smart idea to have at least considered (if not prepared) locations and methods for "storing" items that we enjoy as legal for now.

I watched the DVD of the gun-grabs during Katrina and didn't see "government gone bad". I saw thugs with badges.

I have training, but my wife does not. I'm not worried about me during an "assault"; but I AM worried about what would happen to my wife.

If TSHTF, and they come to my house for a gun grab, I'm going to play meek and obedient, turn over a few minimal items and smile as they leave without my major items that are "nearby".

Even the most hardened operator knows, one of the best ways to get close to your enemy is with a smile. :)