Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Inmates With Guns

Just last Friday I commented about a firearm found on an inmate at the Daviess County Jail in Kentucky. It would seem that a jail might have the strictest gun control laws around. It would also seem that a jail would have the best means of prohibiting firearms from entering restricted areas. Metal detectors, full time video monitoring, strict procedures and a well trained staff should keep the inmate areas of the jail a "gun free zone".

As we saw last Friday, goblins will acquire guns, no matter the laws and procedures put in place by government. If they can get them in a jail, they can most definitely get them on the streets.

Well... it gets worse.

From WMC-TV Action News in Memphis comes this article:

PARCHMAN, Miss. (AP) - Mississippi corrections officers have confiscated a gun found today (Tuesday) in the cell of an inmate in the maximum security unit of the state penitentiary at Parchman.
There it is. As they say, "the proof is in the pudding". If gun control does not work in a maximum security state prison, how the heck is it going to work on the streets of America.

We, as a nation, need to shift our focus from gun control to violent criminal control. The .gov should be isolating the violent criminal from society, three strikes may be a couple strikes to many in some cases. The charitable organizations and churches should be working to rebuild the family, teaching our children the meaning of right and wrong, and re-introducing the concept of shame into our culture.

So long as we are focusing on the object, the behavior will continue.

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Hyunchback said...

"At long last have you no shame?"

Those words became famous sometime before I was born, though not long before.

It seems like that was the last time that anyone had been dealt a blow through shame in this country.

A President is caught in a lie to the citizens who put him in office and he still walks around like he's your good ol' neighbor. His wife is so shameless she lets him stump for HER Presidential run.

You can't turn on a TV during the day without finding a show where a woman swears on her mother's soul that her baby could only be the product of one man, then the DNA proves that she lied.

Some people have a lack of shame for genetic reasons. How else to explain Ted Kennedy? But why must our media continue to give air-time to people who are not just shameless but wallow in that state, such as Paris Hilton?