Friday, July 06, 2007

This one is for Fits

From the Houston Chronicle:

SAN ANTONIO — A 9-foot alligator was shot and killed by a game warden on the outskirts of San Antonio because the reptile appeared to have lost its fear of humans, authorities said.

Several 911 calls alerted police to an alligator in an area near a lake and an apartment complex, police said. When the game warden arrived early Thursday, the gator had crawled off the road near a ditch.

Danny Shaw, a game warden captain with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, said the warden decided to shoot the gator because it was close to several residences and was unafraid to approach humans...

...Some gators are relocated to the Choate Canyon Reservoir in South Texas, but that wouldn't have been appropriate in this case because it's a public reservoir and not for gators without fear of people, Shaw said.
So Fits, when you come to Texas, 30.06 signs are not the only thing you have to worry about.

The game warden did good, right?

Not according to Lynn Cuny, director of Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation in Kendalia.

"The obvious thing that's disturbing about this is lethal measures were used quickly," she said. "These are animals that can, of course, pose a threat. But my gosh, we need to look at everything in our power to not use lethal means."
I wonder if Lynn would want her children or relatives tubing or swimming near this 'gator?


AlanDP said...

If they were swimming where that gator was, they would probably be in greater danger from exposure to filthy water than from the gator.

But what else are you gonna do with a gator that "was unafraid to approach humans," swat it in the butt with a broom?

This is gator #3 for San Antonio this year. As I've said elsewhere, I'm surprised it has taken this long for them to move far enough north to upset the Southsiders.

And these three that have made the news are only the metaphorical tip of the iceberg.

Fits said...

I'm getting a pretty good handle on how to deal with gators. No Steve Irwin nonsense, either. Like most animals, you can easily tell when a gator is unafraid as it begins a slow stalk. The eyes and snout surface to have a look and sniff, then it begins to circle then close the circle in increments.

Thats when you begin squeezing off 000 Buck.