Monday, July 09, 2007

Warning Shots, Caliber Selection, and Talking to the Media

Many of the folks who read A Keyboard and a .45 own at least one firearm for self protection. Quite a few carry a handgun as regular as purse or wallet. If you are like me, you don't expect to have to deploy a firearm to protect yourself or your family, but you do prepare for that unlikely event. The following articles may help with that preparation.

Xavier has penned a thoughtful commentary based on a recent news article covering the successful use of a handgun by a homeowner to stop a home invasion.

The article starts out:

On Tuesday night, seventy-nine year old Dwight Cook, of Hickory, North Carolina, and his missus were relaxing peacefully at home when they heard a rattle of the front door knob. Mr. Cook went to the door, but found nobody there. Then he heard a crash. Derek Scott Frenceschini had used a piece of cement block to smash the glass in Mr. Cook's other door. After he reached inside, a quick turn of the deadbolt let the 23 year old criminal in.
Xavier's commentary that follows highlights some very important issues and is well worth your time.

Another bit of commentary that covers being prepared for the consequences of defending your self was written by LawDog.

This article covers what to expect to happen after you have assisted a goblin in reaching his just rewards on the other side. This is another worthy read that I highly recommend.


Fits said...

Plain and simple, NC laws are horrid regarding the use of deadly force. There are so very many caveats that the old timer could easily have decided that force was unwarranted. I by nature dislike monday morning quarterbacking a situation that ended well, and have learned that it is impossible to tell another person when to shoot and for what reason. You either have it in you or do not. Especially when living in a state that sets so very many stipulations for the use of force. It it was CLEAR that his life was in grave danger...hard to prove since he was not physically attacked...then sure, easy for me to say take the shot,but I've not stood in the mans shoes so I wouldn't tell him to do so.

John R said...

In this day and age, firing a warning shot is never a good idea. If force was unwarranted, then so was a warning shot.

I did not see Zavier's commentary as monday morning quarterbacking, but as an opportunity for training.

Fits said...

Difference between force and deadly force, especially in states like NC that teach "like-kind" response. Would a jury find him not guilty had he shot the man flat out? Without first being beaten severely, stabbed, or himself shot? Dunno. There are old guys like the infamous Mr. Fish who take the shot then get told it was disproportionate to the threat level. All the reason to change the laws and not send old men to jail for taking bad advice.

Dave said...

Makes ya want to throw the whole stinking lot of politicians out on their collective asses and start again. Moonbats need not apply!