Friday, July 13, 2007

Inmate found with gun

From 14 News:

By Stuart Peck

A gun found on an inmate at the Daviess County Jail has prompted law enforcement and staff to take a closer look at their search methods.

Luckily Wednesday's discovery of an inmate with a gun in the jail didn't end in tragedy, but it raises the question, how did a gun get into the jail in the first place?
Umm.... Ooops


Just John said...

That's pretty darned alarming, especially since, in most jails, peace officers aren't even allowed to bring weapons in. Somebody sure dropped the ball...

Hyunchback said...

Further proof that gun control only disarms the law-abiding.

A jail is a total control environment, yet here is a criminal with a gun while even the police are forbidden to carry them.

If you can't keep criminals who are IN jail from getting guns then how in the world can anyone believe that any gun ban will stop criminals who aren't in jail from having all the guns they want?

Anyone ever said "well, I was gonna rob a liquor store, but it's illegal to carry concealed without a permit, so I was like, hey, I can't do that, I better get a job!"?

I want to take the gun away from the criminal in this jail and use it to pimp-slap everyone who has ever worked for the Brady bunch.

John R said...

Hey John, glad all is well after your "little blow".

hyunchback, well you know we are just going to have to blame the gun dealers in TN, or the gun shows in TX, or the ...