Monday, July 30, 2007

A Sad, Sad State of Affairs

News like this is disheartening, to say the least.

From The Globe and Mail:

By Anthony Reinhart

Concerns about the "sinister uses" of guns in society have prompted University of Toronto officials to rid the campus of its 88-year-old sport shooting range, despite its continued popularity and spotless safety record.

"In today's world, even the perception of tolerance of guns and gun violence is seen as a negative," said Catherine Riggall, the university's vice-president of business affairs, who approved the decision recently. "This is the last university in the country to have a gun range on campus ... it's just not seen as a priority activity."
This could be a glimpse of the future of ranges on campus in the United States. One bright spot here in the states is the increase in popularity of college shooting clubs. Often these clubs meet and shoot at off campus ranges. I know that prior to the Virginia Tech shooting, membership in these clubs was growing. I have not read anything concerning how the Virginia Tech shootings have affected these clubs.

If a college near you has a shooting club, or team, give them your support. It is one way to keep Canadian style gun control in Canada.

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Fits said...

Yes indeed. Girls rowing is a priority, and lets not forget the Chess & Checker Clubs. Here in UF country there are a myriad of gun clubs, all forced to shoot off campus because the police will not tolerate anyone having the same protection as themselves. And its getting worse. We've created a sub-culture of citizens with more rights than others because they threaten to stay home with the blue-flu if their orders are not obeyed.