Wednesday, July 11, 2007

For The Idiots With Guns File

The above videos are a pretty good representation of how not to handle a firearm. I wish the author had better sound so we could hear what he has to say.

I find it pretty amazing that instead of being embarrassed by their ineptitude, they brag about it on youtube.

Contrast these with "Jennifer's First Time".


BobG said...

I don't know who is the bigger idiot; the shooters or the jackass who let them shoot the gun. The camera man was an idiot for staying around while those two cretins tried to operate something outside their intelligence.

Fits said...

Not a handgun available in the US possesses that much recoil, and their actions are generally referred to as hysterical-kick-response. Much along the lines of the man who being shot, flies backwards as if being hurled by the bullet and not his own reflexes.

BobG said...

I agree with you, fits. I've shot a lot of 44mag and some 454Casull, and neither one had that much recoil. What it looks like is someone who is scared of it and is holding it like you would a baby bird. I've seen small-framed teenage girls handle recoil better than that.

John R said...

I took a 13 year old girl out to the range yesterday afternoon after work.

You should have seen the smile on her face when she first fired my Kimber, and the even bigger smile when I told her to go ahead and finish off the magazine.