Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day at the Range

The club long range .22 rifle silhouette shoot is usually the third Sunday of each month. As this is my favorite competition, I was looking forward to getting out there next weekend and knocking down some rams at 200 meters. Well... it is a good thing I went out to the range earlier this week because this months shoot was today (maybe I should start attending those club meetings).

It was a great day for a match. Not to hot, mostly sunny with a slight breeze and the occasional gust just to make things interesting. Only eight people showed up, so we got to shoot 60 targets. The chickens kicked my rear today, but I did well enough on the other targets to improve my score over the state match. As a matter of fact, I shot higher than my classification so I am pretty pleased overall with today's performance.

V came out to watch, and by the time the match was over she was ready to shoot. I spotted for her while the scores were being added up and she cleared off the pigs. Looks like we may have a new shooter for the next match. My youngest daughter is visiting, and she ran targets for us. Made a little spare cash and enjoyed herself.

After the match we headed over to one of the pistol ranges shot together. V with her Hi-Power, my daughter with a Ruger .22, and I had my Kimber. A Kodak moment with no camera.

All in all a great day at the range.

For more information on .22 rifle long range silhouette matches, go here.


Hyunchback said...

I've shot one match of standard range .22 silhouette. I was thinking the long range shooting would be insane when reading the rules until I found that prone was allowed.

Still insane, just not impossible.

Single shot only? What's the rifle of choice? Some Anschutz or are there others that are more favored?

Don't know as I'd attempt it even with larger targets since I feel like John Wayne in "Big Jake".

"Son, I can't even SEE that far!"

John R said...

Most of the folks at this match use Martini's. Very accurate and very cost effective. A couple of guy do shoot the Anschutz, but do not have any advantage at this range.

It really is a blast to shoot this match.