Monday, July 16, 2007

Gun Show Report

It has been quite awhile since I attended my last gun show. My weekends have been pretty busy and I just have not had the time to go and not feel rushed. I like to take my time and mosey around, peek in all the corners and find that "deal" that I didn't know I was looking for.

The High Caliber Gun Show was this past weekend, and we had the time, so we decided to head on over Sunday morning.

When we arrived, the parking lots were full due to the National Cutting Horse Association Summer Spectacular. This is a very big deal and there were literally hundreds of horse trailers in the arena parking lots.

High Caliber puts on a pretty good gun show. All of the major vendors are present, along with some smaller vendors that do not make it to the Dallas area shows. At this show there was a very nice Winchester M1 Carbine that I thought was a bit over priced until I got home and looked it up. It turns out the vendor had it fairly marked. I also found a Remington 870 built on a magnum receiver that was very temptingly priced. Most everything I would want to do to it had been done, and I had to talk myself out of picking it up. Between last months wedding, and some upcoming remodeling, "fun" purchases such as that have to be carefully considered.

That is not to say I left the show empty handed. I picked up a discrete gun case for my AR. It is a 32" case that will carry two carbines with collapsible stocks and ten 30 round magazines. The case was made by AMS in Longmont CO. When I looked them up, I found they bought the building right next door to the company I worked for when I lived in CO. Small world. I also finally found a box of the Federal HST in .45 caliber. Fits has spoken highly of the HST for self defence, so we will see how it runs in my Kimber. Range report to follow.

If you live anywhere in the DFW Metroplex, and you have not made it out to a High Caliber Gun Show in Fort Worth, it would be well worth your time to do so.

After the gun show, it was lunch at Billy Miner's then back to work. The lawn needed mowing and the garage needed cleaning out.

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Just John said...

I miss gun shows...none to be had here.