Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Made it Back

Got back to the house sometime around 2130 last night, a bit road weary to be posting. Off to work this AM, and now is my first chance to log on.

It was a great trip. The route we took was pretty much a full circle. We took the 35 through Oklahoma and into Kansas, the 135 over to the 70, and the 70 on into Colorado. This route is mostly interstate highway, good for putting the pedal to the metal and getting there.

We took the shorter, slower, and more scenic route back home. We drove along the mountains on the 25 into New Mexico and then 187 across to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We saw two elk and quite a few antelope along the road. I took this route back because our youngest daughter and oldest grandson were with us. It was his very first time in the mountains (Sunday was spent in and around Estes Park) and the first time for both of them to see antelope or elk.

We ended up putting just at 2000 miles on the vehicle this trip. We traveled through four states and Texas. The good news is that all four of these states have CHL reciprocity with Texas. New Mexico and Kansas were the last two of these particular states to sign a reciprocity agreement with Texas, and that was due to a lot of hard work by our Attorney General, Greg Abbott.

The wedding was great, hanging out with kids and grand kids was wonderful, and my (now married) daughter's joy was evident throughout the weekend.

Interesting gun notes from the weekend:

Son in Law has a Springfield SAR-8 in his expanding firearm collection(knew I liked him).

Loveland Colorado has the only health food store / custom pistol shop I have ever seen.


Fits said...

Welcome back. Ah, the joy of traveling through reciprocal states is a wonder. Which is why I detest going back to the wife's home town of Sioux City, Iowa, which recognizes NO other states so I must arrive disarmed.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.
Sounds like you had a good trip.