Saturday, July 21, 2007

What Can We Learn?

Convenience store video surveillance is quite the boon for those of us who depend upon ourselves for our own protection. Where else can you find real time, real life situations on video, available for free. We can see the tactics used by the goblins, and how the defender reacted to the situation. I consider these videos to be continuing education for the defense oriented citizen.

Posted by Xavier:

Posting a critique in the comments is not second guessing the defender, it is using his incident as a learning experience for the rest of us.

So, the question is... What can be learned from this shootout?


Fits said...

Having a gun is lots better than not having a gun. Black stick-up guys run at the first sign someone can defend himself. Can't say I would have shot at the door when they were exiting for fear of hitting some soccer mom stopping by for a slurpy.

Anonymous said...

Well, in his defense, we have a vantage point that he doesn't. All he knows is some creep tried to kill him and he can't see if they left or not. I've been in a closed room when a firearm has gone off sans hearing protection, and I guarantee you that he couldn't hear them leave.

Since he was hit, I would assume he knew the goblin knew he was wounded and, since it was an armed robbery, might have assumed they were simply stepping back to find cover.

Add to that anyone outside would have heard the shots and not entered, and I think he was just trying to either hit them or scare them off.

Of course, he wasted ammo, but in all honesty at that type of moment, I can't say I wouldn't unload either.

Anonymous said...

I smile when I think that the only lovin' those two will get in at least 20 years won't be from a woman.

It's just too bad the clerk didn't give the undertaker two orders.