Wednesday, January 16, 2008

911 audio sheds light on sisters' final moments

In the post "Honor" Killing in North Texas, I commented on the murder of two teen aged girls by their father. These girls were killed by their Muslim father because they dated non-Muslim boys. One of the daughters lived long enough to call 911 on her cell phone, she told the operator she was dying.

Today, the police have released the 911 recording. The Star-Telegram has it here.

Listening to Sarah Said pleading for help from a dispatcher who had none to offer is heart wrenching.

Listen to the audio. If you put your hope in 911, this may be an eye opener for you.

The murdering goblin who killed his own daughters is still on the loose. Who is helping him?

For the full story:

This goblin needs to be caught, he needs to be put on a very public trial so he can attempt to defend his actions, then he needs to catch a needle.

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