Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day at the Range

Today was pretty much a perfect day for a match. Started out with a bit of frost on the windshield, but quickly warmed up into the 50's. Clear skies and calm as can be, could not have asked for much better shooting weather.

This was my first go at shooting an International Defensive Shooting Association (IDSA) match. and I had a blast. IDSA is similar to IDPA in that a shooter uses equipment that can be carried for self protection. All stages start from concealment and the stages are set up to simulate self defense shooting situations.

Scoring is easy, in IDSA you shoot each target until it is neutralized. It takes at least two shots to neutralize a target. If a target is not neutralized, 10 seconds is added on to your time. If you shoot a "no-shoot" target, 20 seconds is added on to your time. Fastest time wins.

Today's match consisted of six stages, and I ended up using two reloads on each stage. I could have gotten away with one reload on two of the stages, but one was out at 30 yards and I wanted to make sure all of my targets were neutralized.

I am not very good at shooting these dynamic matches, but I am improving and learning from each one. Today I did well in all but one stage, the stage that involved a Nissan pickup truck.

This stage started with you sitting in the drivers seat of the truck. When the buzzer sounded, you were to exit the truck, shut the door and engage four targets. With those targets neutralized, you retreated around behind the truck and engaged five (six?) more targets on the other side of the truck. I ended up blowing both of my reloads on this one and dropped two full magazines on the ground, I failed to neutralize one of the targets and just generally blew it. I had one other mental error during the match. I put one round into a target, reloaded, then continued on with the next target, another failure to neutralize that cost me 10 seconds.

I had a great time. We had a small group of shooters, and everyone was thoroughly enjoying the day and the company. Our oldest shooter was 86 years old, he was shooting a Les Baer Custom Thunder Ranch 1911.

This is another match I will have to start shooting each month.

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Hyunchback said...

WONDERFUL that you got to compete against others in an honest ranking in an organized shooting sport.

I wish I could participate in IDPA every month but at this time my job is more important than my desire. My family needs income more than I need to compete.

I wish I could compete in rifle events, too. The group I would compete with is trying but even if they do I'm excluded by my work schedule.

The MOST important thing is that you tried. You tried and you and your equipment got tested against others under similar conditions.

This is almost as close as we can come to simulating real life events. To make it closer the real guns have to go away and real opponents shooting back have to come into play. Airsoft or simunitions, then.

I've had full magazines drop to the ground in IPSC safety class. Thankfully in IDPA it doesn't happen.

Competition is not real, two-way range. But it's closer than a static target on a static range.

Good for you for trying.