Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Day at the Range

The other day USCitizen of Traction Control announced A meet-up at the Sooper Sekrit Shootin’ Spot. Any excuse is a good excuse to head out to the range, but when you add beautiful weather and the promise of some full auto goodness, well then it is off to the range we go.

We ended up with eight folks in our group with varying levels of shooting experience. I had the opportunity to coach a young lady in the firing of both pistols and long guns. She did very well and had a smile of her face that stretched from ear to ear.

In our group we had three 9mm subguns (one with a Gem Tech can), two AR's, a couple .45ACP pistols (a Kimber and a Glock), a 12 ga and several .22's. Some other firearms made the trip, but they stayed in their cases as we had plenty on the line to keep everyone happy. I came home lighter by close to 500 rounds of 5.56, 250 rounds of .45ACP, 100 rounds of .22 and the 9mm I brought to help feed the sub guns. It was a good shoot.

The Kimber ran perfect, the AR tried to feed a round that was bulged out in the middle so a bit of tinkering was necessary to remedy that problem and my other guns were good to go.

USCitizen had some trouble with some magazines he was trying out, but I will let him talk about that.

All in all a good day was had by one and all.

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