Friday, January 25, 2008

Work Related Stuff

One of my work projects this past week was installing a Crest Ultrasonic system in one of our production facilities. This is a six station machine with a robot to transfer baskets through each station. There are two cleaning and three rinsing baths, and one drying station. The parts baskets are built to tumble while in the baths.

( The above is a stock image, not our machine)

This is a used machine that we had mothballed a couple of years ago. After I got the machine in place and leveled, the utilities hooked up, the robot taught and everything pretty much ready to go, I needed some dirty parts to run through it for an operational check.

So guess what...

I got paid to clean brass. The left box is full of .45 ACP and the right is 5.56. The image does a lousy job of showing just how much brass is in each box. It is a good bit (I've gotten just a touch behind)

Now I get the fun of filling all that empty brass with primers, powder and bullets. Last years plan for birthday/Christmas was to purchase a progressive press. We ended up making a much needed improvement to our home security system instead, so I am still on the single stage press. Maybe it is time for my oldest grandson to learn how to size cases?


Just John said...

Oddly enough, I didn't have you pegged as a 5.56 man. When I get out of this gun club, I'll opt for a more capable round myself (something in the "six something" ballpark, when the battle over which one is best has been won).

From the shadows, those look like fairly tall boxes...a real heap of brass. Nice call on some free cleaning.

John R said...

Hey John, glad to see you found some free time to hang out.

The 5.56 is fun to shoot, and even my oldest grandson can handle it. It is not too awful expensive to feed, and it is kind of like an old 357 Chevy, accessories galore.